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To ensure that women in all countries of the Pacific sub-region co-ordinate in solidarity of purpose to promote the advancement of women

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2017 Alternative CEDAW report :: 14 November 2017
PWW(NZ) 2017 Alternative CEDAW report to UN CEDAW committee now available in "reports"


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1999 Planning for establishment of Pacific Women's Watch (New Zealand)(PWW(NZ))
2001 PWW(NZ) incorporated and first Board of Officers elected:
President: Jane Prichard
Vice-President:Anne Hayden
Secretary:Sharon Sweeney-Lauder
Treasurer:Jan Ngatae
2002 (May) Drive for clothing and toys for children in Afghanistan
2002 (August) Forum: Is the Beijing Platform Working for Women?
2002 (October) Forum: Poverty – What is the Reality for Women in New Zealand?
2003 (May) Forum: Pay Equity
2003 (October) Forum:  Women and the Media
2003 (November) Workshop for Auckland NGO’s Focus Group:  Response to the New Zealand Action Plan on Human Rights
2003 – 2004   Regular Discussion Forums held to bring new information and data on the status of New Zealand women including the issues of poverty, health, pay equity, women's empowerment/women in decision-making , women in the media, human rights, violence against women, the girl child
2004 (April – June) PWW(NZ) conducted 12 grassroots workshops and 3 focus groups nationwide to bring responses from women and information for the Beijing + 10 Review and Appraisal

Published Aotearoa New Zealand Non-Governmental Non-Maori Report 
"How Are We Doing? New Zealand Women Together",
New Zealand Country Report for the Beijing Platform for Action + 10 Review and Appraisal. The Report was contributed to the Pacific Sub-Regional Forum and reported on at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, July 2004, the Asia- Pacific NGO Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand, September 2004 and the Division for the Advancement of Women for the 49th session of the Commission on the Status of Women Beijing + 10 Appraisal and Review, New York, March 2005.

2004 PWW(NZ) convened the Auckland NGO regional meeting for Ministry of Women's Affairs to consider the Draft Action Plan for New Zealand Women
2004 Convened 2 APWW(NZ) Focus Group Workshop Meetings for the Human Rights Commission to consider the Draft Action Plan for Human Rights
2005 (August)

Convened Half-Day Seminar in Auckland
"Moving Forward from Beijing + 10: Unresolved Issues for New Zealand Women – Have Your Say on Action!",
Report on Outcomes from the 10-year Review of the Beijing Platform for Action and the Way Forward for New Zealand Women.
Preparation of questions for candidates in the NZ General Election September was an outcome.

2006 (May) Forum: Meet the MP’s
2006 (August) Organised and Co-ordinated One-Day Conference "Taking Action to Overcome Violence" - to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and in support of the UN Secretary-General's special study on violence against women. The National Council of Women, Auckland Branch and the other 4 Project Five-O partner organisations - Zonta, Business and Professional Women (BPW), Federation of Graduate Women (NZFGW), Soroptimists - collaborated in the Conference.
2006 (December)

Prepared and published Pacific Women’s Watch (New Zealand)’s Non- Governmental Supplementary Report "Status of New Zealand Women", comments to the UN CEDAW Monitoring Committee

2007 (May) Workshop: Pushing for Change – Data Analysis and Design Facilitator, Dr Judy McGregor, Human Rights Commission
2007 (June) Discussion Forum on Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR)
2007 (July) Published: Addendum to Status of Women Report
2007 (July) Discussion Forum on Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR)
2007 (November) Published Reviewing CEDAW and Taking Further Action Report and Proceedings of a Seminar on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women
2008 (August) Donated Septic Tank to Vunidawa Preschool, Tavenui Island, Fiji

Pacific Women's Watch (New Zealand)
Has been represented at the following Meetings/Symposiums

January 1999 Asia-Pacific NGO Regional Symposium: Chandigarh, India Jane Prichard, Barbara McKenzie attended. Jane Prichard gave an opening keynote address "Violence Against New Zealand Women".
August/September 1999 Kasetsart University, Thailand, Asia-Pacific Women 2000 Regional NGO Symposium. Attended by a group from New Zealand
October 1999 UNESCAP Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand Jane Prichard attended - elected a Pacific Sub-Regional representative to the Asia-Pacific Women's Watch Management Committee.
March 2000 UNCSW session, New York, Beijing + 5 Review Preparatory Committee. Jane Prichard and Catharine Tautu attended.
May 2000 UN Special Session on Women, New York for Beijing + 5 Review and Appraisal. Jane Prichard, Barbara McKenzie and Rose Tauetule attended.
March 2001 UN CSW, New York. Jane Prichard attended
2002 APWW Training Workshop Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Jane Prichard and Anne Hayden attended.
February 2003 APWW Training Workshop Chang Mai, Thailand. Jane Prichard and Saphronn Cameron attended.
July 2004 Pacific Sub-Regional Forum, Sydney. Jane Prichard attended to present PWW(NZ) NZ Country Report for Beijing + 10 Review and Appraisal
September 2004 NGO APWW Regional Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand. Jane Prichard attended tp present PWW(NZ) NZ Country Report for Beijing + 10 Review and Appraisal.
March 2005 UNCSW, New York, Beijing + 10 Review and Appraisal
April 2006 Following adoption of APWW Constitution, Jane Prichard was invited to be Pacific Sub-Regional representative on the APWW Executive Committee
July /August 2007 39th session CEDAW Monitoring Committee, New York (Jane Prichard and Farida Sultana attended)
November 2008 ANZ Third Sector Research Conference, Auckland – Jane Prichard presented a paper Creating a Measure for Assessing Changes in the Status of New Zealand Women
March 2004 - 2008 UN Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW) – PWW (NZ) Represented as a member APWW Steering Committee
2006 – 2008 Jane Prichard was Executive member of APWW for Pacific sub-region



PWW(NZ) was very active in meetings and events to fulfil its primary aim to monitor, review and report on the status on women in new Zealand under the Beijing Platform for Action. 

PWW(NZ) NGO Supplementary CEDAW Report

Implementation by Government of its obligations under the Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) came under scrutiny as PWW(NZ) prepared a Supplementary NGO Report to the CEDAW Monitoring Committee due to be presented in August 2007.

We continued to report to the Asis Pacific Women’s Watch (APWW), representing women of the wider region, the international network to which we are linked.

Community Activities

In the community we promoted our work through forums, seminars, workshops and fund raising evenings and helped fund an office we share with the Bridgebuilders Trust at
70 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland.



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