Mission Statement:

To ensure that women in all countries of the Pacific sub-region co-ordinate in solidarity of purpose to promote the advancement of women

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PWW(NZ) theatre fundraiser :: 2 August 2017
Date: 30th August, 2017

Introducing Pacific Women’s Watch (New Zealand) Inc.

Pacific Women’s Watch (New Zealand) Inc. (PWW(NZ))was established five years ago to be a link to the Asia Pacific Women’s Watch (APWW), the umbrella Watch which monitors, review and reports on the status of women in the Asia-Pacific Region.   Over 60 percent of the world’s women live in the Asia-Pacific Region, one of the five regions recognised by the United Nations.

The New Zealand organisation, which became incorporated in 2001, is part of a sub-regional network reporting within the wider region.


Asia-Pacific Region
One of five UN global regions with 60% percent of the world's women

  Includes 5 Sub regions  
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Central Asia East Asia Pacific South East Asia South Asia
NGOs in each sub-region report to the UN
in country reports and to Asia-Pacific
Region in regional reports

Pacific Women’s Watch (New Zealand) has the following objectives

  • To ensure women’s voices from the sub-region  and especially New Zealand are heard internationally
  • To be a communication link between New Zealand  non-governmental women, the sub-region and internationally
  • To monitor the Beijing Platform for Action and any subsequent plans of action for the advancement of women
  • To share strategies to measure and assess changes in women’s status
  • To recognise views and expectations of Tangata Whenua


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